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Join us. We know that it can seem daunting to step out of your comfort zone, but this is a step you won't regret.

Every prospective Full Member and each subsequent Associate Member needs to complete the application and accreditation process. This process enables Connective to assess each applicant's knowledge and experience within the mortgage industry. We also use the information to determine what level of education or support each individual applicant will require if they are successful in joining Connective.

Follow the steps. First, complete the appropriate application form. A Full Member application is required from the entity applying for membership. Each director or principal as well as each employee of the entity is required to complete an Associate Member application.

Download the Full Member application form.

Download the Associate Member application form.

Next, provide the necessary supporting documents. When we receive the application forms and supporting documents, Connective will arrange for a face-to-face interview and then conduct its assessment process, which includes the checking of all documents, the verification of any references and obtaining any industry reference checks if available. In the course of its assessment process, Connective will also conduct a credit reference check for each applicant.

Upon approval, your organisation will receive a welcome kit, which includes:

  1. Approval Letter
  2. Certificate of Accreditation
  3. Web Site Access
  4. Software Details
  5. Lender Accreditation Details
  6. Education details (if deemed necessary)

At this stage the Full Member or Associate Member is authorised to approach lenders to either transfer their existing accreditations or to arrange for accreditation. Once the member holds the appropriate lender accreditation they are authorised to submit lending applications to any of Connective's lending partners.

At all times through the entire joining process one of the Connective Team will be in constant contact advising of the progress of the application or requesting further information that may be required to complete the process.