Connective - Questions


Questions that every Broker should ask:

Q: Does your current aggregator take too much and give too little?

A: Connective charges a flat $640+GST per month per member, and $95+GST per associate. In return we provide support, training and technology.

Q: Are you concerned about the security of your trail book?

A: Upon joining Connective, you will be given an irrevocable authority from Connective to each Lender, consenting to the Lender transferring your trail book as you directed at any time.

Q: Are you concerned about signing an agreement that locks you in for two or maybe even 10 years?

A: Connective doesn't lock you in. You're free to enter into arrangements with any other party. We'll continue to pay any trailing commissions, even if you leave the Connective Group.

Q: Do you have access to the best broker technology?

A: Connective provides you with software specifically created for mortgage brokers. ConnectiveTFS is a full product manager with live product and lender updates. It allows you to lodge applications online, manage commissions, track marketing campaigns and much more.

Q: Do you want the flexibility to retain your own direct accreditations?

A: You can retain any existing direct lender accreditations you hold.